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To help you get a better understanding about how the process works, we have developed the following to help make your move easier.

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Submitted Quote: When you submit this form, we receive the “Submitted Quote”.
Official Quote: After we receive & process the Submitted Quote, we will then send the unapproved “Official Quote”, for client final approval.

How it works:

Once you submit the form, we will process your information within 24 hours. On some occasions we may need to adjust the draft Submitted Quote; such as travel time, travel fee, etc. After your Submitted Quote has been reviewed and processed, we will send the Official Quote back to you, for your final approval. When you have accepted the Official Quote, everything is finalized, and your move will be scheduled/booked on the agreed time. Please call us if you do not receive your Official Quote in a timely manner.

Forms and data sent from this site are safe and protected by HTTPS SSL encryption. We maintain the same level of technological security as online banking, eBay, etc.

Transparency guidelines:

Please note; We will always honour the amount on the Official Quote. However, if the information on the Submitted Quote is not accurate, and it causes our men to greatly go over time on the Official Quote, we reserve the right to charge for the extra time. If our movers go over the hours listed on the Official Quote due to our error(s), we will still honour the price given on the Official Quote. We will not charge for extra time unless information is not correct on the Submitted Quote, and we greatly go over time. Our men will never ask you for a hidden fee(s). Fee may apply if in direct correlation to over-time due to erroneous information provided to us. In such cases where over-time fee is applicable, we will notify you first before any extra charges occur, and if you approve, our men will only charge the same hourly rate that corresponds to your selected package on your Quote; Online Moving Rate Calculator. Although we always try to resolve these matters to ensure customer satisfaction, please give accurate, detailed information to avoid discrepancies about extra time.

We do not sell or transfer information to any 3rd parties. You can read more about how we protect your privacy in our Privacy Policy.

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November 2nd, 2016