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Man on the Move Moving is happy to serve our Social Assistance customers. Once you submit this form, we will send your official Quote to Social Assistance(SA) for you.

We strive to make your move painless, safe and seamless as possible. Thank you for considering Man on the Move Moving.

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Transparency guidelines:

Man on the Move Moving© guidelines for our Social Assistance (SA) clients are slightly different than our general guidelines. Here’s how: We understand once we send Social Assistance (SA) the final Quote for approval, the total on the quote will never change regardless if there is overtime. We will always keep the original quoted price to Social Assistance Administration no matter the circumstances. However, in some rare cases where the client forgets to add items to this form, or omits important details such as substantial flights of stairs (etc) which results in greatly going over time, the client personally, may be asked to make further arrangements with our office. Clients, although we always try to resolve these matters to ensure customer satisfaction, please give accurate detailed information to avoid discrepancies about extra time. Thank You.

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February 4th, 2017
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